5 Movies to See Before the Oscars


5 Movies From 2016 You Should See. Today

With the Oscars approaching, the world is abuzz with movie chatter. Some of the best films, however, are ignored by the Academy. Others are given a nomination but get little attention. For your consideration are some of the best movies of 2016 that may have gotten lost in the shuffle. If you are searching through Netflix or Prime and can’t decide what to watch, consider these gems that may have gone under your radar.

Sing Street. You’ve probably seen Once (2007), listened to the soundtrack and cried about the breakup. The director, John Carney, created a Hollywood version that simply wasn’t that good, at least compared to Once. He’s back at it, though, with Sing Street. It does hit a certain demographic who may be nostalgic about the 1980s, but it’s just as moving to the teen who you may be watching it with.

Hell or High Water. I’m constantly frustrated by the Oscars, but I’ve discovered a new strategy – find the one of the Oscar least that you’ve never heard of – in my experience, it will be the best. It happened in 2010 with Winter’s Bone (and that’s another to see if you haven’t). As an indictment of the banking industry, Hell or High Water is spot-on. As a modern-day western, it’ll make you forget to check for updates on your phone.

Kubo and The Two Strings. It’s an animated film, but you don’t have to have children to enjoy this imaginative and moving story. For anyone who has loved a mother, a father or a child, this is a must-see. It’s got some competition for its Best Animated Feature Film category, but I’ve never seen anything like it. Beautiful storytelling coupled with amazing stop-motion animation, it’s one to see today.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople. For a movie about an orphan who must live with new foster parents, this movie is surprisingly funny. It doesn’t manipulate its audience by making them sad for this kid – most of whom already understand what a difficulty this would be – instead, it gives them joy, then works to pull their heart strings. It’s a hopeful film that doesn’t force you to wallow in tragedy.

Swiss Army Man. Okay, I’ll admit it. I made fun of it too. I may have said something along the lines of – that’s ridiculous and should never have even been a concept. Now, I’m admitting to the world, I was wrong. The directors, Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan, have created a warm, funny, weird and thought-provoking film. I’m not even going to tell you what it’s about because you’re sure to skip it if I do.

Winter Blues and Movie Fun

We’ve still got a lot of winter to get through, and some of these days coming will be too wet for fun winter activities. After your skate-ski lesson or time at the hill, settle in with one of these overlooked films. It may make March feel a bit less long.









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