Easy Changes to Your Facebook Page – for NonProfits

Easy Changes to your Facebook Page – for NonProfits

Nonprofit organizations are entering the social media space at a rapid pace.  Many of these organizations don’t have personnel with the technical savvy or the time to make the most of this opportunity, let alone the budget to hire a marketing firm.  So how do you make your nonprofit stand out? Here are some quick tips to not only get you up and running, but help get you noticed.

Change Your Cover Photo

While it’s a good idea to have your logo as your profile picture for easy brand recognition, try updating your cover photo to the friendly faces that support your organization.  It could be a picture of your staff, your board of directors, or the people you serve.  Action shots are better than posed, smiles are a must! Many nonprofits serve local communities.  Seeing familiar faces engaged with your organization can increase support. It is called ‘Face’book after all.  

Add buttons

Facebook makes it easy to add buttons to lead donors to your website and to donate.  When people are moved by your facebook post, you want it to be easy for them to engage with your organization.  We all know how easy it is to find yourself clicking to the next link.  Here’s the simple steps for adding buttons: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/694386777360892

Create Engaging Posts

Have some fun with your posts! Engage your followers by asking them to respond to open ended questions.  It’s no secret that responses move your posts up in newsfeeds.  People love to share their ideas and opinions, especially on social media!  Just by adding the word ‘comment’ encourages followers. Use it to your advantage by asking for a response on a current topic within your field or float an idea that you’re considering.  You will get a double effect, instant feedback and your post will get more exposure!  And don’t forget to engage back! Responding in a timely manner makes followers feel closer to your organization, and have we said it enough, will add exposure your post!

Add an Event

This is one of our favorites because it can bring you to Facebook users in many ways.  You create the event and share it, but you can also ‘invite’ people to it, they will see which of  their friends are interested/going, and they will get reminders as the event approaches.  Even if you don’t have a traditional event planned, get creative.  Many dates can be an ‘event.’  A local community foundation uses events to remind other nonprofits when grant applications are due or during their yearly fundraising drive.  

Create a Blog

You have so much going on in your organization!  How do you fit it all into a Facebook post? You don’t!  Your Facebook posts should be simple, quick, easy to digest information about your organization. For those that want more info, an easy click to “find out more” should lead them to your website blog updated monthly at the very least.  Fresh content on a regular basis keeps your supporters coming back again and again.  If the same thing is always there, your website traffic will slow.  

Go ahead – Boost a Post!

Have a great photo that is getting lots of responses? Consider “boosting” it! Boosting is the term Facebook uses for creating an ad that shows up in user’s newsfeeds.  You may have seen them, they have the word “Sponsored” under the entities name.  “Boosting” will get your post in front of all your followers (just because you post something, doesn’t mean all your followers will see it, see ‘create engaging posts’ above) and other users that you can select by age, location, or interest.  $10 will get you roughly 1,000 views, so it’s an inexpensive and easy way to test the Facebook waters. Go ahead, try it!



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